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Providing Churches & Charities with simple, cloud-based, fund accounting software that helps save time and money

Helen Munshi

Helen Munshi

St. Saviours, Guildford

ExpensePlus is the most intuitive and efficient accounting software I have used. It has cut the amount of time it takes to do our books by at least 60%. The team is so helpful if you have any questions and are continually innovating the system to ensure it meets your needs. I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Invoicing

    Create and send invoices in just a few clicks. Allocating invoice payments received is simple, since it’s easy to track outstanding invoices, send invoice reminders, and issue credit notes.

    Invoicing Module Overview - title board
  2. Bank Deposits

    Recording cash and cheques at the point of money being paid into the bank removes the need for inefficient paper forms and ensures donations, GASDS, invoice payments, and other income are recorded correctly.

    Bank Deposits Module Overview - title board


  1. Purchases

    The purchase module provides an easy and efficient way for staff and volunteers to submit expenses and upload or photograph receipts digitally from any device.

    Purchases Module Overview - title board
  2. Receipts

    Checking receipts and invoices couldn’t be simpler. There is a separate approval process for lost receipts, and it’s easy to keep track of outstanding receipts, and send email reminders.

    Receipts Module Overview - title board
  3. Approvals

    Budget holders are able to approve expenditure at the click of a button, and track and manage budget expenditure in real time. Approval notification emails enable purchases to be approved quickly and easily.

    Approvals Module Overview - title board
  4. Payments

    Payments that are ready to be paid are shown on this screen, and expenses for the same payee are automatically grouped. Payment notification emails help avoid payment queries.

    Payments Module Overview - title board


  1. Bank Reconciliation

    Upload bank, credit card, Stripe, GoCardless, iZettle and other statements. Then, efficiently reconcile using the intelligent automation to create accurate accounts in a fraction of the time.

    Bank Reconciliation Module Overview - title board
  2. Petty Cash

    Track and record petty cash transactions digitally - removing the need for paper records, ensuring purchases are correctly receipted and approved, and enabling income and expenditure to be easily and accurately tracked.

    Petty Cash Module Overview - title board
  3. Investments

    The investments module allows you to record gains and losses for each of your different investments. It's simple and easy to use.

    Investments Module Overview - title board
  4. Adjustments

    The Adjustments module is the place to go to view and add accruals and deferrals, fund transfers and transfers between categories.

    Adjustments Module Overview - title board
  5. Fixed Assets

    Viewing asset purchases and recording and tracking depreciation in ExpensePlus is simple and easy.

    Fixed Assets Module Overview - title board
  6. Finance Reports

    Provide your team with easy to use, up to date, accurate reports. As well as brilliant management reports, ExpensePlus also has all of the reports you will need to create your end of year accounts.

    Finance Reports Module Overview - title board
  7. VAT

    ExpensePlus is not only a brilliant fund accounting package; it also enables charities that are registered for VAT - to be able to account for VAT and create VAT submissions.

    VAT Module Overview - title board
  8. Payroll Upload

    Upload payroll data and create salary payments without the need for complicated manual payroll journals.

    Payroll Upload Module Overview - title board


  1. Gift Aid

    ExpensePlus provides a simple and efficient process for allocating donation income, tracking Gift Aid eligibility, and creating Gift Aid claims.

    Gift Aid Module Overview - title board
  2. ChurchSuite Export

    Donations data can also be exported to ChurchSuite – simplifying the import process into ChurchSuite, and ensuring that ChurchSuite remains aligned with your accounts.

    ChurchSuite Export Module Overview - title board
  3. Donation Reports

    As well as financial reports, ExpensePlus also comes with donation reports that allow you to easily track overall donation trends, as well as viewing monthly donations by donor.

    Donation Reports Module Overview - title board

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Rebecca Benfield

Easy for volunteers to claim expense claims and great for providing trustees with financial oversight.

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Rebecca Benfield

Flame International

Julian Mander

Fantastic web-based accounting system for Churches that has halved our paperwork.

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Julian Mander

Riverside Church, Birmingham

Julia Coulton

The set up process was pain free thanks to the ExpensePlus team who are very helpful and always there if you need them.

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Julia Coulton

Poverty Truth Network