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Designed for Charities & Churches and built for the whole team

Team Feedback

At a glance...

  1. Easy to use icon

    Easy to use

    Simple and intuitive fund accounting software

  2. Quick to Set Up icon

    Quick to Set Up

    Easy to customise, with the option to set your accounting basis as either Receipts & Payments or Accruals

  3. Cloud-based icon


    Work from anywhere and access information anytime on any device (Touch ID & 2FA supported)

  4. Designed for Charities icon

    Designed for Charities

    Our finance software is created specifically just for Churches & Charites

  5. Highly Rated icon

    Highly Rated

    Loved by users, rated 4.8* on Google and used by hundreds of Churches & Charities

  6. Saves Time & Money icon

    Saves Time & Money

    An efficient and streamlined workflow removing the need for paper forms and manual processes

  7. Built for Teams icon

    Built for Teams

    Customisable user permissions enables teams to work efficiently

  8. Secure & Reliable icon

    Secure & Reliable

    Hosted in secure UK data centres with SSL encryption, regular backups and a 99.99% uptime

  9. GDPR Compliant icon

    GDPR Compliant

    ExpensePlus is a fully GDPR Compliant Fund Accounting Package

  10. Free Automatic Updates icon

    Free Automatic Updates

    Access to the new features added each month

Brilliant help and support as part of the package

  • Tick in a circle

    Free setup, support & online training

  • Tick in a circle

    Brilliant Help Guide with 400+ FAQs

  • Tick in a circle

    Access to our online user forum

  • Tick in a circle

    Friendly & knowledgeable support team

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Simplifying Expenditure

  1. Hassle Free Expenses icon

    Hassle Free Expenses

    Enable your team to submit expenses, mileage and business card purchases digitally

  2. Digital Receipts icon

    Digital Receipts

    Save time, money and paper! Simply upload, email or photograph receipts

  3. Business Card Purchases icon

    Business Card Purchases

    Cardholders can record purchases as they go, or transactions can be uploaded and allocated to cardholders at month end

  4. Supplier Invoices icon

    Supplier Invoices

    Manage and pay invoices via the same efficient and streamlined process flow as expenses

  5. Expense Approval icon

    Expense Approval

    Budget holders can track and manage expenditure in real time, and approve expenditure digitally

  6. Split Category Purchases icon

    Split Category Purchases

    Allocate expenditure easily - you can even copy details from a previous transaction

  7. Multi Currency icon

    Multi Currency

    Set your system currency. Enter purchases in other currencies where the base currency is set to GBP

  8. Duplicate Detector icon

    Duplicate Detector

    Automatic checks to help avoid duplicate expense and invoice payments

  9. Payment Notifications icon

    Payment Notifications

    Auto-grouping of multi-purchase expense claims, and automatic payment notification emails

  10. Quick Search icon

    Quick Search

    Find any purchase in seconds, view the receipt, and see audit details

Easy Accounting

  1. Bank Reconciliation icon

    Bank Reconciliation

    Upload transactions and create accurate accounts faster without needing to key in expenditure data

  2. Recurring Transactions icon

    Recurring Transactions

    Quick match up to 90% of your income transactions each month in a single click! Do the same for outgoing direct debits

  3. Payment Processors icon

    Payment Processors

    Import and efficiently reconcile income collected via Stripe, GoCardless, Zettle, SumUp, Stewardship, PGS + more

  4. Auto-Accruals icon


    Choose between auto-accruals and adding manual accruals yourself

  5. Invoicing icon


    Create and send customer invoices. Track outstanding invoices and send invoice reminders. Accept card payments

  6. Fixed Assets icon

    Fixed Assets

    Capitalise purchases, and manage assets and depreciation via the easy-to-use inbuild asset register

  7. Investments icon


    Set up and track each of your different investments, adding gains and losses as they occur

  8. Loans icon


    Track loans and mortgages and record capital repayments and interest

  9. Petty Cash icon

    Petty Cash

    Enter petty cash transactions digitally, avoiding the need to track these on paper and key in data at month end

  10. Bank Deposits icon

    Bank Deposits

    Easily and accurately record cash and cheques as these are deposited into your bank

  11. Task Management icon

    Task Management

    Create monthly finance tasks, assign tasks to different individuals within your team, and keep track of progress

  12. Transfers & Adjustments icon

    Transfers & Adjustments

    Add transfers between funds and between categories, in addition to other manual adjustments

  13. Bank Feeds icon

    Bank Feeds

    COMING SOON: Automated bank feeds will remove the need to upload bank statement transactions

  14. Payroll Import icon

    Payroll Import

    Upload payroll data and create salary payments without the need for complicated manual payroll journals

  15. Year End Lock icon

    Year End Lock

    Once accounts have been created, lock the financial year to prevent any changes

Brilliant Reporting

  1. Online Reports icon

    Online Reports

    Instantly see your finances from wherever you are, with accurate, up to date financial reports

  2. Multi Fund icon

    Multi Fund

    Set up your restricted and unrestricted funds, as well as your categories exactly how you need them

  3. Customisable User Access icon

    Customisable User Access

    Provide everyone in the team with just the right information they need for their role

  4. End of Year Accounts icon

    End of Year Accounts

    All the reports you will need to create your SORP compliant end of year accounts

  5. Drillable Reports icon

    Drillable Reports

    Find information quickly and simply, with easy to use drillable reports

  6. Projects & Events icon

    Projects & Events

    A brilliant feature that makes it simple to keep track and view project finances

  7. Category Connectors icon

    Category Connectors

    Analyze income and expenditure by category across all funds with this nifty feature

  8. Transaction Groups icon

    Transaction Groups

    Report by department / location / class, or use this feature to just tag transactions

  9. Budget Projections icon

    Budget Projections

    Keep track of how your finances are performing against budget, and view forward projected totals

  10. Report Downloads icon

    Report Downloads

    Download reports as either .csv or .pdf. Add your church or charity logo to the top of PDF reports.

  11. Finance Dashboard icon

    Finance Dashboard

    Choose between a finance dashboard or our process flow dashboard (or switch between the two!)

  12. Independent Examiner Access icon

    Independent Examiner Access

    Streamline year-end and remove the need to send receipts and reports to your Independent Examiner or Auditor

  13. VAT icon


    Record, calculate and create VAT returns within ExpensePlus

  14. Parish Return icon

    Parish Return

    Download all the finance data for your Parish Return in a single click! (Church of England Churches)

  15. Elim icon


    Download monthly reporting data in the format required by LCAS (Elim Churches)

Donations & Gift Aid

  1. Manage Donors icon

    Manage Donors

    Import donors, add donor details, manage Gift Aid declarations, and more

  2. Claim Gift Aid icon

    Claim Gift Aid

    Automated Gift Aid management and HMRC Integration enables Gift Aid Claims to be created and submitted in seconds!

  3. Donation Reports icon

    Donation Reports

    Brilliant donation reports, including monthly comparison reports for simple data and trend analysis

  4. ChurchSuite Export icon

    ChurchSuite Export

    Easily export donations data to ChurchSuite to enable an efficient process flow

  5. Accept Online Donations icon

    Accept Online Donations

    Customise your own online donations page in just 3 easy steps, which you can then link to from your website

  6. Donor Pledges icon

    Donor Pledges

    Record donor pledge amounts, track income for pledge events, and view donors with outstanding pledges

  7. Donor Communication icon

    Donor Communication

    Record donor communication history, and set follow-up actions for future contact

  8. Donor Engagement icon

    Donor Engagement

    Track Donor Engagement and create a customised pipeline to enable you to grow donor engagement and giving

  9. Donor Statements icon

    Donor Statements

    Export donor data to create mail merge letters, and download giving statements for either emailing or printing

  10. Hide Donor Names icon

    Hide Donor Names

    Decide whether to hide donor names and display only donor envelope/reference numbers within reports

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Alice Chapman

ExpensePlus has transformed the way our Church manages our finances.

  1. Star
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  3. Star
  4. Star
  5. Star

Alice Chapman

Cotham Parish Church

Alison Solano

ExpensePlus, it is such an amazing tool - from claiming expenses to creating accounts.

  1. Star
  2. Star
  3. Star
  4. Star
  5. Star

Alison Solano

St Barnabas,
Woodside Park

Alfred Tarring

I have had many other programs on trial, but ExpensePlus was easily the best.

  1. Star
  2. Star
  3. Star
  4. Star
  5. Star

Alfred Tarring

Exmouth Chapel